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One thing leads to another

Creating a new marble altar for Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG   There was a story on the news a while back about some guy taking a baseball bat to Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral in downtown Spokane. The perpetrator…

Doing more than just countertops

Find out what goes into reducing a 1200 pound block of Carrara marble into an elegant, modern sculpture weighing less than 80 pounds.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG  "I choose a block of marble and chop off whatever I don't need."  -Auguste Rodin  My latest sculpture, titled "Aura", began as a small metal ribbon…

Designer of Altars and the occaisonal Zombie

Fabricating a Carrara marble altar, designed by Vincent DeFelice.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG   I had the pleasure of recently collaborating with an old childhood acquaintance and artist extraordinaire Vincent DeFelice.   Vince is well known…