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There and back again, part 4: Marmomacc

Mario and Son, representing the Stone Fabricator Alliance, in Verona Italy.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG In the company of giants…   The distant sound of church bells provides a soothing soundtrack with my morning cappuccino, until the waitress fires…

There and back again, part 3: Verona

Attending the Verona fair, to see the latest in the marble and granite industry.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG Gelato addiction… Today we leave Carrara and the Alpi Apuane and continue northeast, taking a leisurely drive through Emilia-Romagna into the…

There and back again, part 2: Carrara

Visiting the quarries in Carrara Italy, buying the perfect stone.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG That’s not snow on those mountains! Playtime’s over (kind of) as we drive north to the marble capital of the world, the quarries of Carrara.…

There and back again, part 1: Tuscany

In Italy, selecting the perfect stone for your granite countertop.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG All work and no play... Just as I recovered from my last Sicilian adventure, I find myself on what will be my tenth visit, aboard another grueling…

Got Craftsmanship?

The best craftsmen for granite countertops come from Mario and Son of Liberty Lake, Washington.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG Our competitors love to throw stones. (No pun intended.) “Those Mario & Son guys have to use machines because they aren’t craftsmen.”   Small shops…

You better have a good excuse!

Spokane marble and granite company overcomes Leukemia.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG We have great employees, but it never fails, someone always calls in "sick" when you need them the most. I say sick in quotations because it seems to be…

All in the Famiglia

Mario and Son's roots begin in Lavinaio, Sicily.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG The jet lag is still fresh as I write about this newest adventure to southern Italy.  Sicily to be exact. A little off the beaten path of the usual…

Have you seen Junior's grades?

Simple answers for homeowners for selecting granite slabs.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG If you are shopping for granite (or other natural stone), don’t be surprised if you hear shops talking about various grades of stone, such as First…


Spokane granite craftsman finds new life in retirement.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG In the beginning, it was never about the money.  Matter of fact, we had no aspirations of starting a stone fabrication business at all.  We got into…


A new blog and customer resource for granite countertops in Spokane, Liberty Lake and Coeur d'Alene Idaho.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG When we decided to update our website, the developer loaded it with all the usual social media links, "To be relevant" they said.  "Oh, and we want you to…

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