Playin’ With Rocks

Joey Marcella, co-founder of Mario & Son, spent the first half of his life as a professional drummer, and the second half helping thousands of others become stone fabricators.

Follow along for an inside look at the stone shop and a peek into the world through his lens.

Welcome to the jungle

“You know where you are? You’re in the jungle, baby! You’re gonna die…”  -W. Axl Rose I’ll admit, based on the online community’s chatter on Brazilian travel, I had reservations about going there. Reading about the high crime rate, particularly in Rio de Janeiro, along with statements like “always keep a few reais in your pocket for…
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Visiting the artists of Italy

In route to the Marmomacc stone fair, we once again planned a few “extra” adventures before conducting our business in northern Italy. Starting in Bari, we made our way off the beaten path to the ancient city of Matera, one of the longest continually inhabited cities on the planet. The oldest parts of this Basilicata…
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A Passage to Bangkok, part 3

Stupas, monks and dogs… The first thing you notice when visiting Myanmar, besides hearing the delightful “Mingalaba” out of everyones mouth, is the unbelievable amount of golden stupas and pagodas dotting the countryside. Thousands of them. I’ve never seen so much gold since Mike Myers starred in Goldmember.  “I love gooold…” Running a close second for…
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A Passage to Bangkok, part 2

Our introduction to Cambodia is by way of a tuk tuk, the regions preferred method of transport.  The heat is almost unbearable, even though this is the cool season in Southeast Asia.  I can’t begin to imagine what the hot season is like. The poverty of the country reveals itself immediately as we drive through the dusty…
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A Passage to Bangkok

“Our first stop is in Bogotá…” Actually, our first stop isn’t Bogotá at all, and we won’t be “checking” any Colombian fields either (as suggested by Neil Peart’s drug fueled lyrics from the classic Rush song that I blatantly stole for this blogs title). We are not exactly “drug free” however, as our bodies are…
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Holiday Rocks

Just in time for the holidays, the stone I purchased in Italy this September is beginning to trickle in. Our staff waits in curious anticipation, as the first bundles of slabs emerge from the shipping container.  Most of the time we play it safe, importing only proven, marketable colors. This container however, is what I…
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If I ignore it long enough, maybe it’ll go away… I’m referring to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which has been afflicting my right hand for decades, a condition I can only attest to my previous life as a professional drummer.  A few too many paradiddles started the damage that, at first, was only a mere nuisance,…
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There and back again, part 6: Finito!

All good things must come to an end… Four days at a trade show is quite enough. The fact that you must always be “on” takes its toll both mentally and physically. (Again I know, poor baby, right?) All joking aside, Italy can be difficult when you’re on business. Your hosts insist on feeding you “mass quantities” at every…
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