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Incredible India

A trip to the stone regions of India and beyond.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG   “Under the gaze of the angels, a spectacle like he’s never seen. Spinning lights and faces, demon music and gypsy queens.” -N. Peart, from “Carnies”…

Scuola del Marmo

A visit to an Italian marble trade school.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG These days, young people entering the workforce generally seem to gravitate towards technology driven jobs, as opposed to careers in the trades. …

The Amy Winehouse project

Creating a portrait of Amy Winehouse out of granite.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG   Spring is almost upon us and we’ve begun designing our exhibit for the various local home improvement shows we’re attending this year. In addition…


Re-polishing a slab of petrified wood.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG We had a customer bring in a large piece of petrified wood to be re-finished. It was in bad shape, not very flat and full of voids and fissures,…

How to be a better customer

A few simple tips for making your granite countertop project a success.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG   A better customer? Sounds like a harsh statement, doesn’t it? After all, isn’t it up to the company to try to be better for you? Well yes, but why…

A special Christmas ornament

Creating an intricate Christmas ornament out of stone.
BLOG   BACK TO BLOG   With the Christmas season upon us, I'd like to share something a little unusual. So, let's make something... The way we cut stone is either…